What the hell are you thinking?

“My wife doesn’t want another baby. Should I poke a hole in the condom/switch out the potent pill with the sugar pill and get her pregnant against her will?”

Would you answer yes to that?

What is wrong with people?

(The blog title was a question I saw in my stats that led someone to my website.)

4 thoughts on “my husband doesnt want another baby, should i get pregant anyway?

  1. The most stupid thing you could do, it happened to me. Had one kid happy no problems, I said I didn’t want another. We were going to emigrate to Australia. She stopped taking the pill got pregnant had another. As soon as I found out we were finished. We’ve lived in the same house for the last eleven years waiting for the kids to grow up so I can leave. Ten years of misery and another eight to go. Didn’t got to Australia, ruined four lives. The most stupid thing anyone can do. Don’t do it.


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