Subliminal (-ish) childfree opinion in Bravo’s “Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce”

I always hit pause on the DVR when there’s a letter, note, notecard, book page, anything written at all on the screen. I’m curious about two things: how it’s written (is real care taken, or is does it make just enough sense?), and what it says.

Today while watching Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce (basically Sex and the City meets Californication, but without Californication‘s ridiculous sexism and gratuitous anal beads) I paused on a screen shot of a page from a book being written by the show’s protagonist, Abby McCarthy. What would she write in her book, The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, I wondered. Continue reading “Subliminal (-ish) childfree opinion in Bravo’s “Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce””


You don’t owe anyone an explanation or self-deprecation

Lilit Marcus’ Mother’s Day article in the Guardian, Just because I love my mother doesn’t mean I have to become one myself, responds to the assumption some people make that women who don’t want children must have had a psychologically or emotionally damaging upbringing. Unfortunately, she responds in a way that ultimately harms rather than helps.

She begins powerfully (but it doesn’t last), addressing what is arguably one of the more obnoxious angles those who think everyone should have children take against those who don’t want them:

Continue reading “You don’t owe anyone an explanation or self-deprecation”

Interview with “Childfree Voices” blog owner Julie

I began reading the blog “The Hiking Humanist” some time ago, and I was recently alerted by another childfree person, Dann Alexander (author of Planned UnParenthood Creating A Life Without Procreating), to the owner, Julie’s, new website Childfree Voices.

Her posts are a high-energy combination of funny, insightful, at times (seemingly) annoyed, and brilliant, and so naturally I wanted to interview her. Continue reading “Interview with “Childfree Voices” blog owner Julie”