Child-Free Author Laura Carroll Issues a Challenging Challenge

Laura Carroll, author of Families of Two, very recently reviewed No Children, No Guilt (its first review! Thanks, Laura!) and said very nice things, my favorite of which is this:

Like any fun ride, it ended too soon.

Better than that, however, is the challenge she issued at the end. Challenge accepted!

You’ll have to visit her blog to find out what it is. (I highly recommend you bookmark her website if you’re interested in civilized child-free discussion, links to recent child-free-related articles and blog entries, and her own take on the articles she links to.)


4 thoughts on “Child-Free Author Laura Carroll Issues a Challenging Challenge

  1. Jenny

    I definitely think you should take up the challenge Sylvia. I have to say, your eBook is in a realm all of its own, it’s fantastic and what I have read so far has brought tears to my eyes. I fit snugly into the category of ‘has always been CF but has yet to come to terms with it and often feels like a freak’. Your book makes me feel less alone. I would love to read anything else you have to write and applaud you and Laura for being such terrific role models, thank you.

  2. Jenny

    My pleasure Sylvia. I had become very negative about being CF, so defensive and consumed with disdain for all the people who chose to breed noisy, messy children and then look down on me for not having the same desire. I am trying to be more positive, to embrace my differences and to have compassion for people who have children as well as those who don’t. I am also trying to get rid of my shame for not wanting children and realise this is part of me, a positive part, despite society’s determination to make me change my mind (after all, parents are the biggest consumers and society is all about consumerism). Having read your posts and eBook, I feel like you’ve reached a stage I am hoping to get to myself: you seem to truly celebrate your choice whilst refraining from blaming or criticising parents unncessarily, which is something to be applauded. I definitely feel I have a lot to learn from you, keep up the good work!


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