What Women Wish You Knew About Women: We Aren’t Like Those “Other” Women

So, I watched the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on DVR the other day, and I thought, “Why are these grown women – Kim Richards and Kyle Richards – acting like nasty thirteen-year-old bully girls?”

The briefest or recaps: Kathy Hilton’s younger sisters Kyle and Kim Richards, during a Housewives ‘game night’ gathering, giggle and chortle at their own cleverness as they steal ‘surreptitious’ glances at an outcast cast-mate and say inventive things like, ‘I don’t like her,’ and ‘I don’t want to play with her.’ Tee hee! Snort!

When the outcast (Brandi) finally defends herself, another mean girl character refuses to speak directly to her, saying instead, “Kyle, she’s mean. Make her stohhhp.”

If this isn’t classic bullying, I don’t know what is. I suppose if you look it up, the definition will include something about bullying being behavior that carries on for some amount of time, but I think we can fudge the definition a little bit to make it fit a psychological group-assault on a single person.

Equal offenders who don’t actually say anything offensive to Brandi are Taylor Armstrong and Camille Grammar, who say absolutely nothing in her defense. (Bystanders to bullying are contributors to bullying, by the way.)

In this room full of ostensibly grown women, America (well, the portion that watched that episode) was witness to women who are called “women” simply because they fall within the age bracket, and who make regular, decent women want to wear a mustache not to trip convention, but to hide. Did these people learn nothing from all the bullying incidents that have contributed to recent suicides?

The majority of women in this country are nothing like the unrepentant, narcissistic personalities that tend to end up on reality TV, so we grown women know the terrible ones who find fame by being terrible are a very small segment of the female population. But we can’t help but worry the young girls watching these shows are being slowly and subtly influenced by them.

To the young girls of this country: watch something else on TV. You’re too impressionable. If you’re going to watch TV, watch National Geographic or the History channel. If you must watch the reality TV that makes women look like we suck, at least do it knowing you’re watching some of the WORST our society has to offer, and think of it as course instruction in what not to do.

To the men of this country:  what modern women wish you knew about them is this: we’re actually nothing like the circus freaks you see on TV. Most of us wouldn’t flip restaurant tables, we don’t carry our dogs into restaurants and french kiss them over our entrees, and we don’t gather like hungry velocirapters and inflict little death bites on a lone animal of prey.

The question is this: Why are so many women willing to sully the female image? (Sadly, the answer is, “Duh. Money.” Somehow, embarrassing women worldwide for money seems like a double slam…)

~ ~ ~

What Every Woman Wishes Modern Men Knew About Women.

“An odd combination of really funny and really insightful.”



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