All This Talk About “Real” Men … What About “Real” Women?

I saw this today on Facebook –

– so I had to make my own (balance is important, don’t you think?):

~ ~ ~

What Every Woman Wishes Modern Men Knew About Women

by Sylvia D. Lucas

“A weird combo of really funny and really insightful.”


3 thoughts on “All This Talk About “Real” Men … What About “Real” Women?

  1. That facebook “real man” thing annoys the living crap out of me. For one, Marriage ≠ Happiness. Not everybody wants to be married…and not everyone should be married. Despite the hype…two people CAN be happy without a piece of paper legalizing their union.
    A man does not have to raise someone else’s child to be considered a man. It’s very nice, quite charitable – but I would not blame a man, or accuse him of being selfish, if he didn’t want to raise someone else’s kid. Surprise! A man can be a man without having children at all! Men who do not have children are not selfish, they aren’t less of a man, and they aren’t irresponsible – any more than a man who does have kids.
    I’d really hope to think that not all women want someone to “take care” of them. Being disabled, I ENVY women who are able to take care of themselves. My husband said he was attracted to my independence and assertiveness when we met…not to my potential to be a woman-child that needs to be taken care of. That picture is insulting, to both men AND women!
    I ♥love♥ your version, btw! :)


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