Holidays and Families and “When’re you having a baby?”

The holidays are a wonderful time for people to think about families.

That is, they’re a wonderful time for people to think about, and plan, other people’s families.

‘Tis the season for engagements, family get-togethers, in-laws, and potential in-laws, which means ’tis also the season for, “So… when are we going to see little ones tearing at wrapping paper under the tree!? Next year??”

The happy winter holidays turn a lot less happy for people who don’t want kids if they’re hanging around people who are anxiously awaiting them, and they can be particularly trying for those who are on the fence when they’re subjected to the baby hammer pounding their uterus from all possible directions. It’s an exhausting place to be, the “I don’t know” place. It’s heavy enough to work through the decision on your own. The last thing you need when you want to feel happy-festive-love-love and enjoy the snow and wine is the weight of other people’s expectations.

I’m a huge fan of Christmas (it’s mostly the lights, but the cookies are great, too), and I can’t stand to think of anyone feeling anything but free and confident and happy during this season, so from now until Christmas, I’m offering the Kindle version of No Children, No Guilt (see below) for $.99 (regular is $3.99). Whether you want it for yourself, for someone else you want to help understand your position, or for someone you know who isn’t sure about the baby thing and is having an angry/difficult/guilty/confused time of it, there’s plenty of time to get it at the reduced price. (If you’d like the paperback, it’s available for $6.99.)

Have a happily child-free holiday season!

– Sylvia




Kindle U.K.
Nook (Also $.99)
Paperback in the CreateSpace store for overseas readers


3 thoughts on “Holidays and Families and “When’re you having a baby?”

  1. jo

    Hi Sylvia:) I have now read several of your postings, and am very thankful for your personal Child-Free journey before me. I have found some renewed inner strength and calm in dealing with all aspects of my own fairly recent decision to be Child-Free. Thank you.

    I live in South Africa and don’t own a kindle. Is there any other way I could acquire your book (available in-store in SA? e-book to download?…) Thanks:)


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