Xfinity: Not for Moms

Herman Cain and Xfinity have something in common: sexism.

Herman Cain recently, smugly, bragged to the public that his wife cooked him dinner while he sat in his easy chair watching TV.

“I was sitting in my favorite chair in front of the TV next to the kitchen, she was in the kitchen preparing dinner,” he said. “What? That’s what we do at our house on Sunday; I sit in the easy chair, and she prepares dinner.”

Smile smile. Tee hee.

“And there are days when I prepare the dinner, OK?” he added.


Look. Women have a place, and Herman Cain knows where that place is. So does Xfinity.

In Xfinity’s latest Christmas commercial, a little boy sits on Santa’s lap while his patient, doting, selfless mother stands by, hands primly clasped (see above).

SANTA (to boy): And what would you like for Christmas?

BOY: So, my dad wants an HDTV, I want a laptop… Oh! And my sister wants an iPad.

(Mom continues to stand there smiling. Any minute now, we’re thinking, she’ll add a desire of her own, or her son will remember something she said she wanted, or–)

SANTA (into wrist mic, to elves): Copy that?

Wait – what?

What about Mom?? Doesn’t she get anything from Santa?

Silly. Of course not, and she doesn’t want anything, as we can tell from the smile of pride on her face. She already has everything she could possibly want, including that precious, precious boy. Just look at her! She is SO excited that her son is asking for something for everyone in the family (except her, I mean) and that everyone in the family will be happy – including her, the selfless family Saint, because THEY are happy. They are her sole interest, her primary passion. She doesn’t need any of those silly contraptions to watch Xfinity – why, she can use her husband’s contraption when she’s finished doing the dishes.

(Assuming she has any interests beyond doing the dishes…)


2 thoughts on “Xfinity: Not for Moms

  1. khh1138

    Yikes, gross. I’m so grossed out that they think this commercial would appeal to me. I’m even more grossed out to think there are people this *does* appeal to.


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