Divorce: When Is It the Right Time?

One of the hardest things about marriage is knowing when to leave.

How do you know it’s time?

Having left a couple of marriages myself, I have some experience in this area and share my take on how you know when it’s over at Geek and Jock.

Are you divorced? How did you know when it was time?


4 thoughts on “Divorce: When Is It the Right Time?

  1. wobsy

    When my (now ex-) wife agreed it was time. Two divorces: the first quite amicable, the second accrimonious, but in both instances, we knew and agreed it was time to split.
    The problems arise when only one is seeking a get-out, possibly because only one has someone to go to.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Wobsy.

      Agreed. I’ve never understood the logic behind fighting a divorce. It always strikes me as trying to force someone to love you, which just doesn’t work.

  2. Sylvia – If my neighbors’ midnight screaming matches on the back porch have escalated to “almost every night” – should I tell them, “IT’S TIME.” ?


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