True Valentine’s Day Story


When I was married to Ted, Valentine’s Day came around, as it does every February. We’d celebrated it the first year we were together, when we’d just started dating. That year, he bought me a white stuffed bear with a read heart on its stomach with “My Valentine” written on it in white script. I looked at the bear on my dresser and thought long and hard about breaking up with him.


The above is an excerpt from What Every Woman Wishes Modern Men Knew About Women. While not written expressly for Valentine’s Day, this book will without a doubt save Valentine’s Day for many who celebrate it.

Note: If you were a fan of last night’s Teleflora Super Bowl ad (and others that played into male/female stereotypes), this book was written expressly for you.

If this reads like a sales pitch, it is. I wrote What Every Woman... because I’m so often surprised by the stereotypes we still, in 2012 (!), assign each other and that later end up mucking up our relationships and creating misunderstandings between us. Far from being a “I think I’ll write a relationship book!” book, What Every Woman… is something I’ve been wanting to write  for some time and only recently got around to.

And women, don’t let the title fool you – this is as much for you as it is for men. We’re just as guilty of playing into and assigning stereotypes as men are, and we’re sometimes so guilty of being stereotypes that we’re our own worst enemy. (But now, thanks to this book, men will better be able to identify us as stereotypes. Sorry for spilling the secrets. [Not really. ;) ])

A woman’s review: “I read it in one sitting, straight through. Loved it! Talked my boyfriend’s ear off about it for half a day so that he just smiled and nodded after a while. After reading WEWWMDNAW, I felt like I had just hung out with a girlfriend and shared our views on relationships between men and women. Quick, light read that delivers a valuable message.” – review (4/5 stars)

A man’s review: “It is my opinion that this is perhaps one of the best books on this particular topic I have read. And I have read my fair share of relationship books. But unlike previous books I’ve read, which I found to be rather limiting in their messages, I found What Every Woman Wishes… to be more down to earth and realistic in its presentation. Sylvia D. Lucas is witty, clever, intelligent and logical as she makes many good points on topics ranging from marriage to myths surrounding gifts.” – Joe Glasgow

Geek and Jock says, “It taught this old dog some new tricks. Interestingly enough, it’s an eye-opener for women too.”

Uncomplicate your Valentine’s Day today. :-)



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