Fox News Is Funny

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At least, it was this morning.

I don’t watch Fox News (it’s not the politics of the station as much as the childish snark and nastiness of the hosts – no, not anchors, hosts), but the husband was somewhere this morning where the only news available was Fox News, and he sent me a series of texts that had me laughing more before 8am than I’m used to.


#1. Oh god foxnews sucks. Story about the govt “nickel and diming” troops by paying them only 7 extra a day in combat. Never mind they already get extra for that.

#2. That’s $2500 extra a year.

#3. It’s a raise!

#4. Omigod… Foxnews said Colonels only make $45k a year. More like $120k but whatever.

#5. I’m really starting to understand how that Clint Eastwood Chrysler commercial was pro Obama.

#6. Wish I had DVR.

#7. Re: Super Bowl viewers: announcer said 112 million watched. Graphic: 11.3 million viewers.

and finally, the last one:

#8. They are interviewing the brown M&M.






2 thoughts on “Fox News Is Funny

  1. Susan

    I think a better description is Fox NOISE, which I first heard from the former “Countdown” program on MSNBC. It fits the Fox crowd perfectly, in my opinion, and I never watch it. Too much stupidity in one place just makes me crazy.

    As for Pat Buchanan, I think he is almost as bad as Santorum in terms of his backward views about women. I believe (and I could be mistaken) he once wrote in one of his moronic right-wing books (I forget the title now) that women should be paid to have and raise at least five children. That was one of his most memorable idiotic ideas, but I’m sure he’s come up with a few more since then.


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