What Every Woman… is “a revelation, and at last, finally an entry in this genre that doesn’t take sides,” says new review.

I’m very excited to share a new review of What Every Woman Wishes Modern Men Knew About Women. Not because it’s a 5-star review (it isn’t – it’s a 4-star), and not because it’s positive (which it is), but because the elements the reviewer points out are the elements that meant the most to me and that I was so hoping wouldn’t be overlooked.

A snippet:

A lot of these books read as if the author is crying foul for personal grievances rather than trying to educate the reader. In my opinion, female writers often seem to find this sort of book as a chance to point fingers or nag men by making broad spectrum criticisms and accusations about our collective state of mind. Male writers seem to be using the genre as a mechanism to ‘outwit and outsmart’ female dating strategies by overpowering them with complex counter-strategies. The ‘hunter and the hunted’ perspective so many men write about is no better than the ‘nagging mother’ aspect a lot of female authors seem to advocate. Ms. Lucas advocating approaching from the context of equality- truly of equal worth despite our differences.. is a breath of fresh air.

Thank you, “Traveling Man.” I’m happy you enjoyed it.

– Syl

(read the full review here)



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