Working mom Danna Bach says only moms can complain

Over on, Danna Bach expresses her love of being a working mom by yelling at the childless:

if you are childless please don’t complain to me about how tired you are.

But what if we are tired, Danna?

I have not had more than four consecutive hours of sleep in a year.

So, childless friends and colleagues, if you come to me looking for pity party you’ll likely end up being served a knuckle sandwich.

Even insomniacs? You’re going to punch an insomniac in the face?

Why are you late, childless friend? Is it because you were eating your breakfast and on the last bite of toast you gagged and barfed your entire meal down the front of your shirt and onto your pants, requiring a complete outfit change as well as a whole new breakfast?

Maybe. Maybe my cat barfed on me.

Yes, being the working mother of two children has made me more organized and a little bit cranky.

But…but…why are you taking it out on the childless? What did we ever do to you?

But it has also made me extremely grateful. Grateful for every moment I get to spend with my sweet boys, and grateful to have a career I honestly love and am thrilled to return to. While I’ll miss weekly story time, I am so happy to be back.


What we have here is an article sammich:

[bread]I love being a mom![/bread]

[meat & cheese] mothers have real complaints; women without children are just whining, because they don’t know what real hardship is because they don’t have to make school lunches or wake up for babies or deal with crying or try to work and raise kids [/meat & cheese]

[bread]I love being a mom![/bread]

I think I get it.


3 thoughts on “Working mom Danna Bach says only moms can complain

  1. Jenny

    Wow another mother that thinks just because they have kids they are be all end all to the world. I am childfree by choice myself and it also casue my marriage to fall apart like you Sylvia. But do you know what being childfree has allowed me to do it has allowed me to enjoy the time I served in the military and retire form it to be able to come home to the place I grew up and be able to take care of my parents who are now up in age and need assistance. I have gotten on my facebook comments from “friends” that say there is no way I am as tired as they are since I don’t have kids because I don’t have diapers to change or feeding or to do all that while grocery shopping and keeping a house I politely inform them yes I actually do have to do all that if you would just read the things I have had to say in my own post rather than gloss over them because I don’t have kids. I had temporary custody of my two god-children while there mother was deployed and I love kids for short period of time in my home but not as a 24/7 type thing sorry if that annoys them so much.

  2. Bad Puppy!

    I always think these mothers protest too much. Every time they are like “I’m so grateful. My kids are so wonderful. I get to do blah blah blah even though I don’t get to do blargle bargle” I hear: “I’m jealous of you smart bitches who didn’t bring babies into this F’d up world that only pays lip service to respecting mothers. But if I admit I was duped into basically being a slave and working two or three full time jobs (depending on if you see housework and childrearing as two separate full time jobs), then I just look stupid, so instead I’m going to put vaseline on my teeth, smile real big, talk about how awesome being a mommy is and what horrible bitch shrews everybody who didn’t fall for it are!!”

    I mean dude… if you’re ACTUALLY happy about being a parent, you wouldn’t bitch so much. (re: the lady in the article.)

    I never hear the childfree go on and whine a lot about how put upon they are. The only things the childfree ever bitch about is why these other whiny harpies can’t leave them the hell alone.

  3. pitbullgirl65

    She protests too much me thinks. I’m surprised she didn’t say “you don’t know what real love is until you have a child!!!”


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