Time to shatter the myth about the only child

As I seem to enjoy emphasizing, it often seems like the childfree get far less judgment than parents. Parents who have one child (and who don’t want more) field a lot of criticism, too.

In the online feedback section of a Daily Mail excerpt of Lauren Sandler’s new book One and Only (Simon & Schuster), one reader manages to fit just about all of the negative assumptions about parents of only children into a single comment: “Talk about being stupidly selfish. Kids need to grow up with kids. Having just one child is bad for that child.”

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Time to shatter the myth about the only child.


3 thoughts on “Time to shatter the myth about the only child

  1. Bad Puppy!

    This. A thousand times this. Anytime someone pressures me into having a kid and tells me I’m selfish, the best answer is: “No, I’m not willing to make two additional humans and raise and pay for them just so you won’t call me selfish.” Then they’ll look innocent and be all like “Oh, you don’t have to have two.” Sure I do. If I have only one, I’ll be called selfish just as much as I am now, but I will also have the burden of raising one child that I don’t want in the first damn place. Why on EARTH would I put myself through that just for the approval of people who wouldn’t be satisfied until I went through TWO pregnancies, childbirths, and all the emotional, financial, and time costs of raising TWO children? When it’s clear that the social obligation on you is TWICE what they are saying it is, it becomes that much easier to tell these people where to shove it.

    Also, once you have one kid or two kids or whatever number will make people happy, every choice you ever make about anything gets called into question and judged in relationship to your worthiness as a mother. Screw that noise. By opting out of children the only real ammo these lunatics have is “You’re so selfish you don’t have kids”. Hmmm maybe, maybe not, but I’m a lot happier without them. With even one I’d still be judged and harassed PLUS have a kid. So um… no.


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