Damage caused by the childfree – real or imagined?

I was just being prepped for a TV segment on “No Children, No Guilt” (and being a childfree woman) by being hit with an excellent barrage of questions that included the following angles of attack:

– most of the country is religious and abides by the biblical doctrine to procreate, so doesn’t it make sense the childfree would be scrutinized?

[68% of Catholics use birth control, and when it comes to the Bible, people play its rules pretty loosey-goosey based on what’s convenient at the time. Take the judgment from religious people, for example.]

– does your husband feel the same way?

[It’s safe to assume that someone who is married to someone who doesn’t want children feels the same way. Or close enough.]

– what about population decline and the economy?

[The population has consistently been rising since 1970 (and well before that) by about 10 to 20 million per year.1970 – 203,302,031 / 1980 – 226,542,199 / 1990 – 248,709,873 / 2000 – 281,421,906 / 2010 – 307,745,538 / 2013 – 313.9]


– isn’t it selfish to not even adopt?

[Does this also apply to people who actually want children and have their own instead of adopting?]

– is it possible that you sense something in yourself or your family history, like illness or disease, that prevents you from wanting to pass it on?

[Anything is possible. However, no. But others do opt out of being parents because they don’t want to pass something on.]

– do you think you’ll ever be sorry?


It was only PREP and I felt myself getting that angry adrenaline. I’m certainly prepared now, though. Yowza.


4 thoughts on “Damage caused by the childfree – real or imagined?

    1. He prefaced each of his questions with, “Some people might say…” I tell you, it was fantastic training. I’ve never had anyone say those things to me before (in a real conversation), but it would be fascinating if they did. I don’t know whether I’d be intrigued by their conviction (because, why?) or angered by the assumption that I should live according to their beliefs. It’d be interesting, that’s for sure.

  1. Bad Puppy!

    I’m consistently baffled about why people are SO concerned about what’s going on in my lady business and whether or not I plan to utilize the magic of my uterus. I feel like given all the risks and unpleasantness of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting, and the unnecessary strain it puts on the planet’s resources and the selfishness of bringing a mini-you into this world to inevitably suffer (because all sentient creatures suffer)… that really… it is the childed who should be answering the questions. There is nothing weird or “wrong” about my choice.

    I think you should just carry a bottle of water with you and when people start asking you these questions you just spray them like you would a cat getting on the furniture.


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