Talkin’ on the TeeVee about bein’ childfree

I was so very excited to be invited to speak this morning on Fox CT TV about No Children, No Guilt and being a childfree woman in ‘Murica.

fox ct


4 thoughts on “Talkin’ on the TeeVee about bein’ childfree

  1. Tatiana

    Well done! I loved the image you projected of a childfree woman as happy, confident, humorous, socially aware and totally at ease with even the silliest questions. Good job.

  2. Nice work! Great to see you in person! I liked your response to her observation that many people think the childfree “hate children.” You did a good job of making the issue a little less two-dimensional by reiterating that people are childfree for all sorts of reasons. Some (like me) really don’t care for children, but certainly many childfree people love children. It’s pretty clear to me that some women who DO have children really don’t care for kids very much. Now how much sense does that make?

  3. Bad Puppy!

    I’m glad you deflected her “bad parent” assumption because frankly I find that obnoxious. It’s not that we are not CAPABLE of being good parents. The fact that most of us put so much thought into this and so many childed people didn’t think or plan at ALL yet are still praised for their thoughtless choices, should tell anyone with two brain cells to rub together that childfree people would probably mostly make good parents. We just do not WANT to be parents. There are a lot of things I’m good at that I don’t particularly wish to devote my entire existence to for the next two decades, and I fail to see WHAT is so difficult to grasp about that.

    My assumption, from what I’ve observed is that these women who make all these assumptions about us already HAVE kids. THey DIDN’T think it through. They didn’t realize that there was a childfree life they could have. So now they’re jealous and bitter and want to project that onto us. It makes them feel better to think we’ll be lonely and bitter and traumatized when it’s “too late”. It makes them feel better to think that we’d be terrible parents anyway and they are better than us. Screw them. My tolerance for these thoughtless ninnies has reached its threshold.


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