A message to Tucker Carlson and a new TV interview

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Dear Tucker,

Recently on Fox and Friends, you said of women who choose not to have children, “Having children means less time for vacations and spin class, where the real meaning in life resides, right? I mean, have you seen anything more selfish, decadent, and stupid?”

I have, Tucker Carlson, but I have never personally witnessed such a public display of cowardice as your insulting address to millions of women around the country, which you delivered knowing full well they would never have the opportunity to respond to you directly (you no doubt lack the fortitude to address even one of us in person).

I got lucky and was able to respond on TV a few days ago. A local station, so you’ll probably never see it, but it was gratifying nonetheless.

That reply, along with an explanation of how messages like yours add undue pressure to young women, women’s reasons for not having children, and why this is an important (and not simply “trendy”) subject were the focus of a recent interview (Sat., Aug. 17) I was fortunate to be granted. (Look for another interview on local NBC affiliate NBC Connecticut coming up Sunday, Sept. 8).

I hope you find your spine. If you do, maybe you’ll tell me in person, or any other childfree woman you can find who would be willing to sit in the same room with you, that we are selfish, decadent, and stupid.

But I won’t hold my breath.

(Watch the interview below, taped Aug. 17, 2013. One question I wasn’t prepared for: “What if you got pregnant?”)



8 thoughts on “A message to Tucker Carlson and a new TV interview

  1. Bad Puppy!

    I’m sorry, but I reject the notion that the “real meaning in life” and the “really important things” are to be found in having children. And if he thinks that’s the “real meaning in life” why is he doing something so shallow and unimportant as what he’s doing? Shouldn’t he be home changing some glorious poopie diapers. Oh… that’s woman’s work. Nevermind. Only women get to do the REALLY meaningful things in life. amirite? I swear, this is the longest con in history and he’s just angry that more women are waking up to it.

    When these self-important, smug little bastards say stuff like this, what I hear is: “Whaaaa I can’t make women obey me.”

    Sucks to be him.

    1. Did you get a chance to watch the interview? Some good questions were asked (the anchor is a very cool guy, so if you don’t like his questions, just remember he was asking what the “opposition” would ask).

      1. Bad Puppy!

        hmmm, maybe I didn’t see that interview. I saw the other interview. You are on TV a LOT (Like Jonathan on Buffy!). Even if he was a “very cool guy”, my suspicion is he wasn’t just asking “what the opposition” would ask. I think there are some good guys out there, but most of them have still been raised with a lot of misogynistic assumptions about women, and I wouldn’t for a second assume he didn’t harbor some of these beliefs himself.

      2. P.S. I had a chance to talk to him before and after the interview, and I was also prepped by the producer – who came up with most of the questions. The anchor who interviewed me doesn’t have children, either.

      3. Bad Puppy!

        Actually watching the interview, and I retract my other statement. I think you’re right, he is a very cool guy and probably is just asking the list of questions he was given. It’s also true that you can’t read tone in just READING text, and I didn’t initially watch the video. Maybe he was being sarcastic or flip about the real meaning of life and having kids. I haven’t finished watching the whole interview yet, but… from his tone in what I’ve watched it may be totally different. Or the Fox guy may be a different guy. I was responding to the “real meaning in life is having kids” part. So if two different people said that, okay. I don’t always follow links or watch videos in blog posts because it takes so long. But obviously when I don’t, I miss some context.

      4. Bad Puppy!

        And yeah, I just got to the part where he confesses he doesn’t have kids either. What I’m seeing so far he seems more intrigued than anything. Almost like… OMG THESE WOMEN EXIST!!! LOL


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