Are the childfree selfish and narcissistic? Doesn’t matter.

Thank you for having me on, NBC Connecticut (specifically Shirley Chan).


7 thoughts on “Are the childfree selfish and narcissistic? Doesn’t matter.

  1. Steven D. Timm

    Bingo Sylvia!!!!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and views!! I did not know about the statistic about the high percentage of pregnancies that were unplanned!! It does not surprise me though. You are correct that an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy is a leading cause of abuse and neglect of children. I myself was an “oops!!” My father did not really want kids and it showed when I was growing up!!

    Again, thank you for your input!! Keep up the good fight!!

    Take Care and catch you on the web!!

    Steve Timm

  2. I love my kids and even if I could go back in time I wouldn’t change having them. But I DO wish that when I was younger I had known someone like you who had encouraged me to at least stop and think not just, when do I want kids, but IF. And I hope that your words reach some young women who will one day be glad they heard them. ~JT Devine

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  4. DaPoet

    Its not just the child free but the average female in this day and age who is selfish, self centered, narcissistic absolutely unfit to raise a child much less enter into a long term relationship. This is why men are abandoning marriage and eschewing intimate relationships with females in droves.

  5. Women who don’t have children are narcissist. Really? I have chosen no to breed. But what I have chose to do it help my community when it comes to helping children (who are not mine) through volunteer work and donations to children’s hospitals.
    I am not contributing to the overpopulation of the planet. I have no desire to have a mini-me. I am not having kids just so they can love me unconditionally and take care of me when I am old but I am the narcissist? Parents think they are so selfless, WRONG! You want to be selfless, then go ADOPT! But most won’t because you need your DNA which makes you A NARCISSIST!

    1. There’s no guarantee a child will love his or her parent unconditionally, anyway, and many kids DON’T take care of their parents when they’re old. Thank you for being a volunteer.


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