IMG_8149You may have noticed that on this site I write a lot about being childfree. I’m not as obsessed with it as it would seem; I just don’t like the idea of young women (or anyone) feeling pressured to have children or guilty for not wanting them. Now and then I do step down from the childfree pedestal to write about other things. Professionally, I’ve been an adjunct English professor, a news writer and full-time feature writer for a daily newspaper, a Women’s eNews correspondent, an instructor of play-, screen-, and expressive writing, and other random writing-related things.

I have no children (by choice), but I’m not a fan (not even a little bit) of words or terms like “breeder” for parents or “brats,” “spawn,” “crotch droppings,” or “crotch fruit” for children.

I draw from (some very) personal experiences as a twice-divorced childfree woman – the two are related – in No Children, No Guilt  to bring humor and levity to the subject, and I was interviewed a couple of times on local TV (but in HD!) about being childfree (and about irritating things associated with being childfree). See the Video page for those interviews.

I also share my unqualified observations of unsuccessful male and female interactions in What Every Woman Wishes Modern Men Knew About Women.

Sylvia D. Lucas is a pseudonym that was initially used in the interest of branding (I had/have fiction elsewhere) and privacy (what with all the talk about vasectomies and ex-husbands and the current husband). After that it just stuck.

EMAIL: sylviad.lucasATgmailDOTcom