my husband doesnt want another baby, should i get pregant anyway?


What the hell are you thinking?

“My wife doesn’t want another baby. Should I poke a hole in the condom/switch out the potent pill with the sugar pill and get her pregnant against her will?”

Would you answer yes to that?

What is wrong with people?

(The blog title was a question I saw in my stats that led someone to my website.)

Check out my latest piece at DINKlife! Personhood, Vaginal Probes, and Zealotry

I love DINKlife for inviting me to write for them, and for being an overall cool website for people who don’t want children, whether it’s only for now or forever.

In my latest article for them, I discuss the personhood bill due to be signed by Governor Bob McConnell (R-Virginia) and why screaming at zealots about women’s rights isn’t effective. (I also discuss how much $$$ these politicians will cost us in an already sad economic climate if their efforts succeed.) Read it here.