7 things the childfree won’t usually tell you: a list

There’s been list after list (after list) compiled about the childfree. What not to tell us, things we hate, untruths about us, silly things people say to us, and truths about us. All great lists, but I think there’s room for one more. This list is called, as you might have gleaned from the post title, “7 things the childfree usually won’t tell you.”

We won’t tell you these things  because they’ll either 1) create conflict or 2) ruin our image as STAUNCHLY CHILDFREE FOREVER!!!11! Continue reading “7 things the childfree won’t usually tell you: a list”

Officially tired of the typical childfree conversation.

I keep seeing the same things over and over again in conversations about the childfree. And over and over. And maybe it’s because I’m writing essentially the same articles for work this year that I wrote last year that I have little to no patience for repeats. Or maybe I’m really just tired of the direction these talks are going. Continue reading “Officially tired of the typical childfree conversation.”

What’s with all this “having it all” nonsense?

J.C. schools a kid (Photo from http://movies.zap2it.com)

Within the first five minutes of the 1987 movie Baby Boom –  about female advertising executive J.C. Wiatt – a partner at the firm, Fritz, delivers this piece of advice after telling J.C. he wants her to be a partner:

You know that normally I don’t think of you as a woman. But in this case, I do have to look at you as a woman-slash-partner. What if you and Steven decide to get married somewhere down the line? What if he expects a wife? Do you understand the sacrifices you’re going to have to make? Continue reading “What’s with all this “having it all” nonsense?”

Please stop saying “You’ll change your mind.”

On a forum I frequent, a man in his 20s asked about vasectomies, saying he is almost 100% sure he’ll never want kids and that his wife is almost as sure as he is.

“Give it ten years” was the popular refrain (in addition to “Why not have her use an IUD? It’s reversible” and “You might change your mind.”). Continue reading “Please stop saying “You’ll change your mind.””