Married, in love, but suddenly one of them wants kids.

A few weeks ago I received an email from someone whose marriage is great – they’re in love, get along well with their spouse, everything is good – but the spouse has recently decided they want a child. Continue reading “Married, in love, but suddenly one of them wants kids.”


My husband: My child AND my knight in shining armor?

In her recent piece “What Men Want,” Suzanne Venker once again rallies for us (women, that is) to embrace male-female stereotypes, particularly in a marriage. Or as parents. Or as women married to men we’re apparently supposed to take care of like they’re our children. Continue reading “My husband: My child AND my knight in shining armor?”

Fox News’ Suzanne Venker longs for the good old Mad Men days

Suzanne Venker, in her FoxNews article “To be happy, we must admit men and women aren’t ‘equal,'” proposes that men and women climb back into their 1950s gender boxes so everything can go back to being calm and quiet the way things used to be.

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Star Parker defines marriage

In a November 26 opinion piece,” Urban Cure founder Star Parker (whose website says she’s running for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 37th Congressional District in Los Angeles County, Ca.) writes:

One significant development in the recent election was that voters in four states approved same-sex marriage initiatives. Until now, all previous state referendums to approve same-sex marriage — 32 of them — failed.

The Wall Street Journal editorial page — where conservatives usually turn to for intellectual capital — saw this as cause for celebration.

According to the Journal, marriage definition should come from voters, not from court orders. Continue reading “Star Parker defines marriage”