My husband: My child AND my knight in shining armor?

In her recent piece “What Men Want,” Suzanne Venker once again rallies for us (women, that is) to embrace male-female stereotypes, particularly in a marriage. Or as parents. Or as women married to men we’re apparently supposed to take care of like they’re our children. Continue reading “My husband: My child AND my knight in shining armor?”

Pretty girls get everything, the bitches!


On a forum I frequent, men (and at least one woman) are complaining about a pretty woman who (they assume) got ahead faster than most men in the same profession because she’s pretty.

This girl rubs me wrong. She is in the position because she uses her good looks it seems. Continue reading “Pretty girls get everything, the bitches!”

Didn’t Want Kids, but Had Them Anyway & Now You’re Unhappy?

Some time ago, I conducted an interview with six childfree men for the website That interview was later re-published by The Good Men Project, and every now and then, I’ll receive notifications of new comments posted on that article in my in-box. The following comment (posted at The Good Men Project) arrived this morning:

I never wanted a child and have one now. Continue reading “Didn’t Want Kids, but Had Them Anyway & Now You’re Unhappy?”