Responses to Christian objections to the childfree choice

The following comments were posted on the website Real Clear Religion in response to the site’s post “The Very Sad Childfree Life” by Father Robert Barron. I thought I’d copy and paste the comments here, along with my responses, so they’re all in one place for those who have similar objections or misconceptions about the childfree (and, in some cases, parents).

1. “GardnGirl” said:

I hate to put it this way but what’s the use of putting up with a man if you don’t have children to show for it? Continue reading “Responses to Christian objections to the childfree choice”

Re: Kathleen Parker’s insulting WaPo column “Of pleasure and parenting”

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Last year I was visiting my childhood friend, now a mother, when dinner time arrived. She squirted ketchup onto her daughter’s plate and then her son’s. And then mine. I looked at it.

She immediately recognized her mistake and laughed. She knew I could squirt my own ketchup, she said, but she was just so used to doing it… She apologized (still laughing) for overstepping her role as “mother” by inadvertently mothering me.

This is where many women, such as Kathleen Parker in her recent column “Of pleasure and parenthood,” fail miserably when they say things, as Parker did, like, “it’s hard to know for certain that one doesn’t want children. Many don’t, until they do.” Continue reading “Re: Kathleen Parker’s insulting WaPo column “Of pleasure and parenting””

A message to Tucker Carlson and a new TV interview

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Dear Tucker,

Recently on Fox and Friends, you said of women who choose not to have children, “Having children means less time for vacations and spin class, where the real meaning in life resides, right? I mean, have you seen anything more selfish, decadent, and stupid?”

Continue reading “A message to Tucker Carlson and a new TV interview”

17 Truths About the Childfree

it's a babayChildfree blogger “Schmutzie” recently listed 17 untruths parents believe about the childfree. While I completely understand and appreciate her desire to dispel myths about the childfree that may be circulating in the parenting community, I think it’ s only fair to point out that some of those myths aren’t myths at all, but pretty accurate assumptions. Continue reading “17 Truths About the Childfree”