No Children, No Guilt


While Lucas’s approach to this topic is at times pure genius humor, that’s how she gets and holds your attention. The underlying theme is much more serious, and for that I stand up and applaud her. – LL Book Review

“Oh, don’t worry,” they say when you tell them you don’t want children. “You’ll change your mind.” (Pat on knee.)

From the day spent with other girls fawning over baby clothes to the demise of two marriages, Sylvia shares her vibrant humor and insight into what it really means to be child-free – without the guilt.

Kindle U.S. | Kindle U.K.Overseas Paperback | U.S. Paperback NOOK

You will turn the pages grinning, definitely be prone to giggling or even laughing out loud, as I did. Ideally for those who have not 100% accepted they are childfree or are not quite completely ok with it yet, this slim Ebook is also for those who have made peace with it. Like any fun ride, it ended too soon. – Laura Carroll, author of Families of Two,

Every woman — and man — will be able to relate to everything Sylvia D. Lucas profoundly, and often humorously, says about parenthood. No Children, No Guilt is a no-holds-barred must-read. — Jerry Steinberg, Founding Non-Father Emeritus of NO KIDDING! The international social club for childless and childfree couples and singles.;


3 thoughts on “No Children, No Guilt

  1. Discovered your blog today and love it! Then I saw the title of your book, “No Children, No Guilt” and have to have it. I’m 44 and never had children (by choice). I can’t begin to tell you the schtick I get for this choice. Also, because I don’t look my age, people still say things like, “When you have kids of your own….l” Really?!
    Can’t wait to read this. Thank you!

    1. Thank YOU! I’m happy you stopped by and I hope you come back and comment around some more. And you’ve just provided yet another reason looking your age is better than looking younger than your age. :)

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