my husband doesnt want another baby, should i get pregant anyway?


What the hell are you thinking?

“My wife doesn’t want another baby. Should I poke a hole in the condom/switch out the potent pill with the sugar pill and get her pregnant against her will?”

Would you answer yes to that?

What is wrong with people?

(The blog title was a question I saw in my stats that led someone to my website.)

7 things the childfree won’t usually tell you: a list

There’s been list after list (after list) compiled about the childfree. What not to tell us, things we hate, untruths about us, silly things people say to us, and truths about us. All great lists, but I think there’s room for one more. This list is called, as you might have gleaned from the post title, “7 things the childfree usually won’t tell you.”

We won’t tell you these things  because they’ll either 1) create conflict or 2) ruin our image as STAUNCHLY CHILDFREE FOREVER!!!11! Continue reading “7 things the childfree won’t usually tell you: a list”

Signed copies of books as gift for donation that benefits familes of fallen soldiers

booksEveryone has seen in the news the failure of the government to send survivor benefits to military families who lost a loved one at war. Shutdown, and all. So the Fisher House has taken over.

To help the Fisher House (rather, the families they’re helping), I’m selling all of the copies of the signing & giveaway left-overs I have lying around my house that are of no use to anyone and that are cluttering up the place. I’m sending the Fisher House 100% of the proceeds. If you buy a (signed) book, you’re essentially donating to the Fisher House and getting a gift in return. Think of it as lower-scale NPR donation drives (and less annoying, because this is the only post I’ll write – but I hope you share it! – and, of course, pick a book for yourself).

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